In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology. Nearly everybody has a cell phone and/or a computer in the home, and most teenagers have their own personal cell phone. While there’s always a debate about internet privacy and safety, for me as an individual with a laptop and a cell phone, the most important thing about having these things is not the ability to do homework easily and to make sure I get to certain places on time. For me, the best thing about having technology is the ability to stay in contact with my friends that I otherwise might not still talk to.

When I was twelve, I moved away from my best friend in the whole world. We are nearly a thousand miles away from each other, and because of certain time differences and lack of real interest, talking on the phone was soon a bust after I moved. However, we both had a computer at home, and soon we both had our own cell phones. We started emailing, IM-ing, and texting each other almost constantly. It was a better way for us to stay in contact and to stay caught up with everything we were doing. Even today, we talk nearly every day about everything and anything you could possibly think of. I sometimes still talk with my old friends via Facebook, and without technology this most likely wouldn't be possible at all.

While this may not be the best thing about technology to lots of other people, this is my favorite aspect. By being able to still talk to my best friends who are far away, I don’t feel quite as lonely as I otherwise might. By being able to communicate over the internet and by my cell phone, I still have a best friend that I can talk to about anything even if she doesn't live here with me. Everything else, such as being able to search for answers to homework and mere curiosity, is just secondary. -- BH

How technology affects my life.. hmm, greatly. I am one of those people permanently attached to my phone and social networking sites. I didn’t want to do the 24 hour challenge when presented because I feel I just couldn’t release my phone for that long. Being disconnected from the world as it feels and not having communication with anyone. I need it, everyone knows my family is like crazy and we don’t get along so I need some way to vent and not explode.

Start with my cell phone for example. It provides a source of music as does my laptop and communication in the form of texting, kiking, or calling. I can also get my social networking sites as apps and just scroll through pictures on instagram ignoring my dad’s yelling or have conversations with people on meet me or facebook for a distraction. I kik people all day long, a fairly new instant messaging app, and whether I know all of them personally or not at least I have someone to vent to and get my anger or problems out.

Social Networking sites hold an escape because some people may not know you, therefore they don’t have to know everything just the things you tell them or want them to know. You can also vent to people you will never meet across the world so that it will start no drama and you can get whatever off your chest. Though sometimes all this is not safe it does create a certain form of escape and help that someone may need to “get out of their house” without really leaving it.

Then the most important thing in my life, my laptop. Why? Because my older brother is stationed in Fort Wayne Wright, Alaska and I have not seen him in four months, going on five, and before that it was even longer but when I am on Skype I get to see his face along with hearing his voice. I can talk to him while he is almost anywhere on base and not working or in chow. I am very close to my brother so I need my contact with him. He also understands everything going on at home so it’s easier to talk to him more than it is to someone else. Though I can’t always talk to him we try as much as possible but the army keeps you very busy.

Well everyone, now you see how technology affects me personally. How this little laptop, cell phone, computer, landline, etc makes my whole life continue, helps me remain calm and keeps me sane in some situations. I honestly don’t know what I would do without technology, I honestly probably wouldn’t even be here. --CC

Nowadays, technology has been integrated into every aspect of society- people communicate through it, get their entertainment from it, cook their food on it, watch it, touch it, smell it, hear it, and use it every day of their lives. Every new generation grows up with new technology, this generation has grown up with such a far-reaching, innovative piece of technology, that it has boggled experts how to deal with it- the internet. This has shaped not only how we act, but also how we think, by bringing up ideas and arguments to surface, ideals can be posted, commented on, re-posted, argued over, and maybe a compromise made. All of this happens in seconds all over the world. For the adults this is a relatively new experience, but for the teenagers and kids, this is the only world we really know. --MC

Technology affects my life in many ways. Some good and some bad. Technology is part of our everyday lives and helps us with many things. For example, your cell phone helps you contact people when your in danger, need a change of plans, or just to say hello to a friend you haven't talked to in a while. Without technology, I would be really lost and bored.

The good side of technology is I can get ahold of almost any friend I want any time of day. Also, it keeps us all connected and updated on information. It tells us the weather, the news, and even connects you to the internet to research a few thoughts your unsure about. Technology is used every second of the day. It helps us on research papers for highschool, shopping, and tons of other things! I'm using technology right now to type this paper that's going to be a grade.

Some people mis-use technology. For example, my mom is so addicted to her phone she cant even drive without going on her phone. At home I try to talk to her but she's so focused on her phone that it goes through one ear and out the other. So annoying! and I thought I was bad. When I have my phone, I barely use it except for when I go on facebook or instagram or texting. But if my mom takes it away when I get in trouble it drives me crazy. Just knowing I dont have a phone itches me. Technology helps people and ruins people. It's the best of both worlds.--SF

Growing up in a world that is full of computers, colored television, cell phones, and wireless connections is a world that my grandmothers and grandfathers would not have dreamt about. Would you have thought 35 years ago that we would be able to communicate with our friends and family around the world within minutes and even seconds? Technology has in my opinion brought our society closer together. Imagine a world where there is no way to communicate with others from across the country other than through mailing. I cannot imagine my life without technology.

Technology has had a positive impact on my life. The biggest impact on my life it has made is being able to actually see and talk to my family whether it is through the phone, on Skype, or through pictures of those individuals on my email. I have family members who I rarely get to see face to face but, being able to see them on a webcam is something that keeps me close to them even when they are far away. Another way technology has helped me is in school. In school sometimes I do not understand everything and I can just go on the computer and onto the internet then I get a better understanding of that information and that certain subject.

I am very grateful for the way that technology has become in this world. It has helped me through my home life and school life. Technology is something that the society of this generation needs to help make us united. Hopefully in years to come technology will become more important to us as we leave for school and want to keep in touch with our families, or understand a subject better by looking it up on the internet. Technology is something that we need in our community and world. --KF

How does technology affect my life? There’s never a moment when I’m not near my computer, laptop, television, videogame systems, phone or IPod. So, I guess you can say I’m a fan. I use my computer for connecting with friends on social networking cites and playing videogames- I also use my laptop for the same reasons. Whether it be watching cable, Netflix or using it to play my Playstation 3, I spend way too much time on my television. I mostly use my Playstation 3 for videogames, and it’s great because I can play my game online with other friends (either cooperative or competitively). All I use my phone for is calling and texting. But, my IPod can do everything my phone can’t do, so I use that for browsing online and casual gaming on-the-go. --AW

I think that the technology that is coming in our future will slowly consume our lives. It is nice and helpful to have all of the luxurious gadgets that can help keep us entertained and help us with our jobs and school, but living with younger siblings, I have noticed that all they want to do is play games on my phone and our Nook. Their bikes and outside toys are basically sun rotted due to the fact that their faces are glued to the screens of games. They even throw temper tantrums when I take my phone from them for normal use. Technology is something that can help us improve our lives if utilized properly, because I can see the future generations becoming zombies to the new technology that will be available. -TC

I believe that having technology has changed the world. Not only can we video chat with people across the world, but we can learn new things with a click of a button or a slide of the mouse. I believe the world has gotten so use to things like “spell-check” and “grammar-corrector” that we don’t really bother to learn simple words. “Because” and “becuase” are commonly mistaken for each other. Technology today has been such a large part of our lives that I believe that if it was ripped away from todays society that most people wouldn’t know how to react. Society would either go crazy or get depressed.
Computers; communicating, social networking, going to school, and finding recipes. There is an endless use for computers. Phones; texting, instant messaging, calling, face time, and data plans are a regular part of todays life. Simple house hold appliances are also known as technology. Straighteners, stoves, blow dryers, microwaves, and dish washers all make our lives easier. This is why I believe that todays world wouldn’t be able to live without technology. --NV

I Joshua have tried the 24 hour challenge and have successfully completed it over the spring break. I quite frankly don’t require technology to get through my day and it wasn’t as bad as everyone says it is. I started the challenge on Sunday right before school. When I started I woke up and made myself breakfast after which I went outside for a jog. Because technology isn’t specifically specified I played my violin which you could say is technology but it was a hand crafted instrument. So it wasn’t made by technology for most of the day I slept because I didn’t have to work.

Technology isn’t something we need in our daily lives to get by its just a distraction to help us get through it. But it does come with a price for such luxury for most it happens to be their life sadly. People have grown so accustomed to their technology that they even use it during important businesses that don’t even require it such as driving. Driving is something that requires your full on attention, but people choose to text and divert their attention from their driving and 80% of the time it costs them their life.

Most people think that children need their technology more than others but I disagree from when the weather perks up to when it dies down I don’t use technology. I only use technology when the weather is cold or when its required of me I don’t use it any more than an old granny on her death bed waiting to meet her husband in their dirt coffin. I am Joshua Clubb and this is how important technology is to me --JC