With our social connections page, we will be showing you how your children interact with their friends or even new social contacts online. Each site will show you how your children respond to visual images on these sites. This will help give you an idea on what the internet is all about. We try our best to make it your decision on whether this is a good thing to let your children access these social sites, and in doing so we will try to trust your judgment as our elder. If you’re new to the internet we hope that this page will help you understand that the internet isn't always a scary or evil place, but a place of learning and a place that will give each person that uses it a new experience for every time they use it. This will give your children and even yourself a more rounded way of thinking, and please do enjoy your time on our page.

These sites are only a scratch on the surface of what the internet has to offer. We do our best to bring everyone
together on it. This is one way we come together to make our internet child friendly.