Cellphones, a problem or great creation?? external image iphone5.jpeg

Phones are great means of communication especially along with the fact you can carry them everywhere with you now. Even with texting you don't have to take the time to call someone and they don't answer. You can just send a simple sms message and they can reply whenever it's convenient. Also in an emergency you can simply have an app that'll alert someone that can call for help or alert help directly and quietly. Cellphones have reached such a height now-a-days that there is an app for everything. Whether you have an Apple phone like an iPhone or an Android like the HTC there is an app store where you can download just about anything. Some apps may cost money but most are free. These apps aren't always safe though, people can take your information if you lose your phone somewhere because you are always logged in with all your info open. Mobile devices can also track where you are with satellites at all times which we've also seen in the moves can be very threatening. So many people use mobile devices for work that they could argue all day about it being good. Ask the one business person that lost their phone and possibly their log ins, credit card info, name, number, address and then BAM fraud.