What is Facebook?
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRIjZas3qJ7O-WHpGjfoE77B86KyOf4mKympqK3WNGC4hYFHW_Q3gis currently the most popular social media website around the world. Facebook first launched in February of 2009. There are over one billion users of Facebook with over 1.13 trillion likes, 140.3 billion friend connections, 219 billion photos, 17 billion location-tagged posts, and 210,000 years of music played so far (62.6 million songs that have been played 22 billion times).

What Can Facebook Can Do to You?
Facebook affects peoples lives each day both good and bad. For example: Facebook can make shy people more outgoing, social and comfortable talking to people. Some may only feel more comfortable because everybody knows that what you write is public, but because there's a screen in front of you, you feel somewhat anonymous. Facebook can also change your life by promoting your business or job.

Is Facebook Appropriate For Your Child?
Facebook can be appropriate for your child according to privacy settings. Which means not listing where you live, what school you go to, or giving out your full name and or phone number. If your profile is set on private, someone cannot view your profile, pictures, or profile information without being your friend. Once you accept the friend request, they can view all of your information. So in that case, only add people you know and people who you are close friends with just to be safe online.

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