PlayStation 3______________ X-Box 360_________________Wii_______________________________PSP and DS

PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular gaming systems in the world. With outstanding graphics, free internet use, and a fun variety of games, it’s no wonder why 73 million consoles have been sold. PlayStation 3 is very reliable and lasts for a long time. In a class poll conducted on PS3 users, on average, each user has had their PlayStation 3 for three years and only one out of seven have experienced troubles with the console. In addition to its durability, a PlayStation 3 has can connect to WiFi or Ethernet and go on the internet. Also, it can have Netflix which means that a user can also watch popular movies or television shows.

The key to the X-Box 360 is its manufacturer: Microsoft. The X-Box is able to work with other Microsoft products across your home network to accomplish things the other game consoles aren't able to accomplish. Windows Media Center allows the X-Box to become an outlet for your computer’s media files: movies, music, photos, and more are accessible through the X-Box. Microsoft made the choice to provide the X-Box greater connectivity through both your home network and the internet in an attempt to fulfill the many promises made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

One aspect that proved to be a problem for the X-Box was Microsoft’s choice to include an HD-DVD Instead of a Blu-ray drive. This proved to be a fatal flaw as the PlayStation 3 overtook the X-Box based solely on this single feature.

Features like Kinnect have allowed the X-Box to compete with the Wii; giving the X-Box greater flexibility than the PlayStation 3. Some would say this gives the X-Box a sort of “best of both worlds” position in the marketplace, but most hard-core gamers seem to go with the PlayStation 3 (and the soon to be released PlayStation 4) while those seeking family-oriented gaming tend to gravitate towards the Wii.

Microsoft will be releasing the X-Box 720 sometime in May or June of 2013.

The Nintendo Wii is currently the most sold gaming system in production, although it has been replaced by the new Nintendo WiiU and will be discontinued by the end of the year. The Wii is a family friendly system; it is known for having fun, safe games that children and parents can enjoy playing. The system is also very reliable and lightweight, they are not known to break unless they get dropped or suffer water damage. However, the graphics and online community of these systems are lacking. This system can only support up to 480p and many games don’t even offer online play. It does not have an Ethernet port, but it can connect to WiFi. It can be used for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more.