What is MeetMe?
MeetMe is a social networking site where kids of all ages can meet each other over long distance. You can follow people's pages or add them as friends. Just like Facebook, there are posts, like buttons, a wall, etc. You earn points if you are popular and have a lot of friends. The more points you have, the higher in the ranks you will be. It is almost like a game. Users can also video chat, IM, or email each other. You must be 13 to create an account.

Is MeetMe appropriate for your child?
There are optional private settings on this website. MeetMe's tagline, and selling point, is that it's a place "where new friends meet" -- however, the social networking site, formerly known as MyYearbook, feels more like an online hook-up source. The site focuses on meeting potential dates, who are also complete strangers. This makes the chances of there being a child predator behind the computer screen high. In addition, many profile pictures contain men and women in their underwear and users downing alcohol. You have to be over 13 to register, but teens can easily contact, and be contacted by users in their 20s, 30s and beyond; and there's definitely more emphasis on dating than making friends. You can find other users within a few miles of where you live or secretly admire other users. A blind date game gauges your compatibility with other players and gives you an option to e-mail them at the end. Members can chat, e-mail and video chat each other through the site. All members can also see your profile, and unless you purchase the stealth browsing option, they'll be able to see that you’ve viewed theirs. This makes MeetMe a pretty inappropriate social networking choice for teens.